12 health benefits of laughing

Health benefits of laughing

Just as good air, good food is necessary for staying healthy, similarly, your laughing also plays an important role in keeping you healthy. There are amazing health benefits of laughing. A smile of yours can make others feel happy and it is also very beneficial for themselves. If you make a habit of laughing in the morning and evening, then any disease, whether mental or physical, will not come to you. According to Health Experts, by laughing daily, health is not only good, but it also keeps the energy in the body. When you are happy, many diseases stay away from your body along with tension, depression. ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Laughter yoga can be adopted to keep this habit of laughter.

How to do laughter yoga –

Laughter yoga is formed by combining laughter and yoga, in which different exercises of laughter are taught with pranayama (taking long breaths). Laughter yoga is practiced by laughing loudly, for no reason, without laughter. According to research, laughing out of laughter removes physical and mental problems.

Laughter therapy-

Even if you laugh falsely, the body benefits. Laughter therapy is the only way to achieve physical benefits by exercising many types of laughing exercises. Laughter keeps on increasing as you start laughing. This process benefits the body.

It is not necessary to be very happy with the mind to laugh. So one can get benefit from laughter exercise. Try to laugh out loud. Laughter will come on its own and happiness will begin to disintegrate.

Laughter exercise method –

This is a type of workout and any workout requires warm-up. For laughter exercises, warming up first also gives more benefits. Some of its methods are as follows –

  • Can do a little stretching. 
  • Mild lightning can dance.
  • Stand upright and bring both hands in the blessing posture. Now ho ho, move on the ground like thumping hands while chanting haha. Do a couple of minutes. After a warm-up, you can do the following exercises:-

You can do one or more exercises out of the laughter exercises mentioned below. It should be done 10 – 15 minutes daily. Or all these laughter exercises can be repeated while doing 20 -30 seconds.

  • The first, smile then smiled muffled. Then laughed openly and finally laughed. 
  • Reminisce your past when you laughed out loud. Especially when laughed openly among loved ones. Recalling that moment and laughed, in one and a half minutes two will be as happy as the same moment and the same laugh will be laughed at.
  • We laughed smiling as we closed our mouths. Sound low, laughed less, and see how your body shakes. After that laughed loudly. It would be good if you join a laughter club so that you will get everyone’s support and habit will also remain.

12 health benefits of laughing-

Laughing improves blood circulation –

Laughing openly keeps blood circulation right in our bodies. Actually, when we laugh, a lot of oxygen reaches our body. Which helps in keeping the heart pumping rate right. According to research, people who watch comedy programs are always happy to have better blood circulation than others. Also, by laughing, you are also protected from many diseases.

Laughing is beneficial for the heart –

Laughing openly or after laughter therapy makes blood vessels function properly and increases blood flow. This helps you to avoid problems like heart disease, heart attack, and stroke etc. 

Laughing reduces stress- 

By laughing daily, all the stress gets out of the body and this releases the ‘feel-good’ chemical in the mind. This keeps you depressed and stress-free. It also helps protect against other mental problems.

Lose weight-

Laughing openly or doing laughter therapy at least 10-15 minutes a day burns calories and reduces your obesity. Apart from this, it also keeps you under obesity control.

Laughing Increases immunity-

By doing laughter yoga daily, the immune system is strengthened as well as the anti-viral and infection-preventing cells in the body increase. This gives the body strength to fight against bacteria and infection.

Laughing makes our immune system better, which benefits in fighting many types of diseases. So it is important for a healthy life that you start your day laughing. The human body has a diaphragm between the abdomen and the chest, which acts rapidly while laughing. This causes the massage of the stomach, lungs, and liver. In such a situation, you must laugh for at least 10 minutes every day, which will not cause diseases.

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Laughing improves positive thoughts –

Laughter During the process of yoga or laughter, a hormone called endorphin is formed in the body, which fills your body and mind with positivity. This keeps you fresh and fits all day.

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Laughing increases energy –

During laughing, you exercise deep breathing and release, which leads to better circulation of oxygen in the body. Because of this, you are refreshed and full of energy for a long time.

Relief of muscle pain –

Many people are troubled by the problem of body and muscle aches. In such a situation, you can also overcome this problem with laughter therapy. According to research, laughing for 10 minutes gives you 2 hours more deep sleep, which gives more time for muscles to relax and gives you relief from pain.

Laughing increases sleep –

Health benefits of laughing

If you have insomnia, you should laugh openly. Research has found that laughing improves sleep patterns, which is helpful in treating insomnia. If you do not sleep easily at night, then start laughing today. Laughing produces a hormone called melatonin in the body, which helps us to feel relaxed.

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Anti-aging formula –

Not only for health, laughter, or laughter therapy is also beneficial for face and youthful appearance. Laughing exercises the muscles of the face, so that there is no wrinkling on the face quickly and you look younger for a longer period of time, so instead of making money on anti-aging products, laugh openly every day.

Laughing can increase performance –

A laugh can increase job performance. Salesmen who laugh and interact with the customer are more successful in selling goods. Creative work done with a happy mind is more beautiful.

Laughing strengthens social relations –

The smiling face looks more beautiful. Laughing is necessary to strengthen the relationship. This leads to emotional engagement. Sense of Humor is liked by all. Laughing together makes a relationship stronger. Laughter has the potential to bring people together. Coming together helps in solving many types of problems. The best laughter is that which brings tears to the eye.


Although laughing does not come so easily, the habit of laughing should be developed. With a little effort, we can bring laughter into our daily routine. This makes our whole day good and we can keep ourselves healthy with it.

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