7 Rainy season diseases and prevention

Rainy season diseases and precautions

The more pleasant the rainy season is, the greater the risk of diseases during this period. If the health gets bad during the rainy season, then the whole fun of this season gets spoiled and we are not able to enjoy it. To avoid rainy season diseases, it is necessary that we know about them and try to avoid them. Rainy season diseases can be avoided by taking care of small things. So, let us know about common diseases caused in the rainy season and how to avoid them.

Rainy season diseases and prevention –

Rainy season disease- Cold and fever :

Cold, and fever are the most common during the monsoon season. A person of any age can face these problems in the rainy season. Fever, sore throat, and frequent sneezing are some of the symptoms of this disease.

Measures to avoid cold and fever –

  • The easiest way is to avoid getting wet in the rain. But if you do not want to miss having fun, then make sure you dry yourself completely after getting wet. Keep the air-conditioner at normal temperature and avoid ice-cream.
  • If you face the common cold then the best homemade remedy is a glass of hot turmeric milk. Gargling with warm water provides relief in the sore throat.
  • Drink a glass of turmeric milk every day when the weather changes. Turmeric has anti-antibiotic, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to prevent sore throat and cold. Apart from this, boil turmeric, celery, black pepper, cinnamon, and salt together in water and drink it when it is lukewarm.
  • To avoid cold, and cough, make a decoction of jaggery and celery and drink it. For this, add a glass of water and add 10 grams of jaggery and a teaspoon of celery and cook till it reduces to half. Then drink it three times a day by lukewarm.
  • After waking up sleeping in the changing weather, if there is a slight sore throat or if the nose is closed, taking ginger-basil juice mixed with honey is beneficial. Apart from this, drinking clove-basil, ginger, and black pepper tea is also beneficial. Taking a small piece of ginger, holding it directly with tongs, roasting it in the fire, then putting black salt on it and keeping it in the mouth, sucking it slowly, removes sore throat and cough.
  • The problem of cold and cold due to the moisture in the weather is very common. Grate ginger and filter out its juice and make a paste by mixing half a teaspoon of black pepper powder and one spoon of honey in it. In the changing season, all members of the household, small or big, take three times a day, it is beneficial for health.
  • Chew the garlic buds raw or boil it in water and use it as a decoction. It is beneficial in both ways. If it is difficult to eat due to bitterness, then honey can be added according to taste. Garlic also reduces cholesterol and loosens colds.
  • Roast turmeric powder and mix one teaspoon of honey in it and take it before bed every day, it does not cause viral, and cold. Turmeric increases the body’s immunity. If things do not improve, it is always better to consult a doctor.

Rainy season disease- Malaria :

Rainy season diseases and precautions

This disease spread by mosquitoes, should not be considered ordinary. It is one of the world’s most deadly diseases. Malaria is an infectious disease caused by the bite of female Anaphalase mosquito. The disease is spread in the red blood cells by causing a parasite called protozoa. In the case of Malaria, there is high fever, headache, full-body pain with cold.

Measures to avoid malaria –

To avoid this, first of all, stop the accumulation of water in and around your house. Along with this, use mosquito nets at night to protect yourself from mosquito bites. It would be better to use a net made of cotton. Air also enters into the mosquito net made of cotton. Instead of using chemical liquid or incense sticks for mosquitoes, it would be beneficial to use natural methods like the smoke of Neem leaves for mosquito repellent in the home.  Spray DDT. The most important thing is that if symptoms of malaria are seen, do not be negligent and get medical treatment immediately. Here are some natural remedies for mosquitoes to escape, which can prove very helpful –

  • Mix camphor in Neem oil and fill it in a spray bottle. Now spray this mixture on the bay leaves and burn the bay leaves. Bay leaf smoke is not harmful to health in any way. Surprisingly, all the mosquitoes in the house will run away as a result of this smoke.
  • Mix celery powder in mustard oil and soak the pieces of cardboard and keep it at a height in the room. Mosquitoes will not even come near.
  • At some distance while sleeping, burn camphor Neem oil lamp near the bedside, even mosquitoes will not come to you.
  • Mix coconut oil, Neem oil, clove oil, peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil in equal amounts and fill them in a bottle. Apply it on the skin at night, it will scare the mosquitoes from coming to you.
  • By spraying the juice of mint leaves, mosquitoes run away. It can also be applied to the body.
  • Mosquitoes do not bite by applying the juice of basil leaves on the body. Basil plant planted in homes helps in keeping mosquitoes away.

Rainy season disease- Typhoid fever :

It is another highly contagious disease that spreads during the rainy season. The disease is caused by contaminated food and water. Worst of all, the infection can remain in the patient’s gall bladder even after the infection is cured. This can prove fatal for the patient. The most common symptom of this disease is prolonged fever, severe pain in the stomach and headache also indicate this disease. The disease is most likely to occur through infected water and food items. This disease causes high fever, which keeps on decreasing and lasts for several days.

Measures to avoid typhoid –

It is a highly communicable disease so the patient should be separated from the rest of the family. Getting vaccinated beforehand also helps. To prevent dehydration, patients should consume plenty of fluids. Since the disease has a tendency to return again in two weeks’ time, the patient should be treated with extreme caution. Precautions should be continued until 5 to 6 months even after a complete recovery. Nowadays vaccines of this disease have also become available, which can be administered with the advice of a doctor. But it is better to protect yourself.

Rainy season disease- Dengue:

Dengue is caused by the bite of Aedes mosquitoes. In this disease, a red rash appears on the body with a high fever.  It has a high fever of 104 degrees and a severe headache. There is also a pain in the joints with the body. There is difficulty in digesting food. Vomiting, loss of appetite, and reduced blood pressure are some of the other symptoms. Apart from this, the feeling of dizziness, weakness, and a lack of platelets in the body are special symptoms. Fluid accumulates in the liver and chest. Dengue fever can be very painful and fatal. Although the disease is caused by the dengue virus, the carrier here is mosquito and thus protecting the body from mosquito bites in any way can ensure safety.

Measures to avoid dengue –

The carrier of dengue is a mosquito, so to avoid it, we should take appropriate measures to avoid mosquitoes. Prevent water from accumulating in and around your home to repel mosquitoes. Along with this, use mosquito nets at night to protect yourself from mosquito bites. It would be better to use a bed net made of cotton. Air also enters the mosquito net made of cotton and the feeling of heat is useful. Instead of using chemical liquid or incense sticks, it would be beneficial to use natural methods like the smoke of Neem leaves for mosquito repellent. You can use camphor. Spray DDT. Give maximum fluid to the dengue patient so that there is no shortage of water in his body. Gilloy leaves are very useful in dengue.

Rainy season disease- Cholera: –

Rainy season diseases and precautions

It is an infectious disease caused by bacteria called Vibrio cholera. Cholera affects the gastrointestinal tract leading to severe dehydration and diarrhea. It is mainly caused by contaminated food and water. Cholera has persistent thin diarrhea on its own, without any abdominal cramps or pain. Reversions also begin after one or two diarrhea. Along with this, there is a spasm in the muscles of the body. The patient starts feeling weakness. Symptoms of water scarcity also appear. The skin becomes cold and in many places it shrinks. The eyes get sunk in, while in gastroenteritis these symptoms are found late.

Measures to avoid cholera –

Use cleanliness and pure drinking water. Hand pump water is relatively pure instead of wells. If it is not available, the water should be boiled and cooled and drunk. Also, use fresh foods. Keep food items covered, avoiding stale and rotten fruits, etc. These measures are also to avoid food poisoning. Avoid eating stale food. Families need to take some special precautions. The person caring for the patient should change his clothes and wash his hands thoroughly with soap. It is very important to pay attention to personal hygiene. Such as cleaning of body and clothes, cutting of nails, washing hands with soap before meals, etc. Family members and the person in contact should also get a cholera vaccine. Because cholera vaccine is the cure for disease prevention. Here are some easy tips to drive away  the flies –

1. Camphor prevents flies from entering the house. Light a little camphor and rotate it throughout the room, it will cause flies to escape from its smell.
2. Tulsi is not only known for its medicinal properties. Rather it is very effective in flies also fleeing. So plant a basil plant at home and drive away the flies. Apart from this, you can also plant mint, lavender, or marigold plants.
3. Vinegar is the best way for the flies to escape, take a little vinegar in a bowl, then add a little detergent to it so that the flies will start attracting and drowning in it.
4. You can place the cucumber on top of the garbage, so the flies will not be able to lay eggs in it. Because flies run away from cucumbers.
5. Take a little red chili, fill it in a spray bottle, and add some water to it, stir it well. Now sprinkle the solution in the house, it will kill the flies.
4. Use cinnamon to drive away the flies. They hate the smell of it and run away from it.

Rainy season disease- Hepatitis A :

Hepatitis A is a viral disease. The disease is spread by eating infects, water, and coming in contact with the person suffering from this disease. Jaundice, tiredness, loss of appetite, nausea, mild fever, yellow-colored urine, and itching all over the body are common symptoms. Vaccination is very important to prevent this deadly disease. Along with this, the use of hygienic food and water is necessary. Hepatitis patients should be given complete rest and take high calories in their diet. This epidemic is usually caused by flies. It can also spread by direct contact with the patient. Symptoms of this disease are similar to flu, headache with high fever, joint pain, and vomiting.

Measures to avoid Hepatitis A –

Vaccination is the most important prevention of this disease. This vaccine is available in all government and private hospitals and should be taken by one and all as it is a very deadly disease. The patient should be kept on full bed rest and given a high-calorie diet but should avoid fat and oily food.

Rainy season disease- Skin diseases –

As the rainy season approaches, skin-related problems increase. For example, lifeless skin, oily skin, and acne. In such a situation, it is important to prepare in advance to overcome these skin related problems during the monsoon. So that no harm is done to the skin.

Measures to avoid skin diseases in the rainy season –

If you are drenched in rain, wash your face and feet thoroughly and try to keep them clean and dry by wiping. For face wash, choose a face wash whose ingredients are mild. So that it cleans your skin, but do not remove the natural oil on your face, because this oil brings a healthy glow to your face.

Cleansing the face during the monsoon is very important because the problem of bacterial growth and closure of pores increases in this season. Once a week, gently exfoliating the face removes the dead cells on the skin, ie dead cells, as well as the growth of new cells. Also, it brightens the complexion of the face.

So friends, by taking a little care, we can enjoy the rainy season to the fullest. So stay alert and enjoy the rainy season without any fear.


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