8 Health precautions for rainy season

Health precautions for rainy season

After the end of summer, when the rain falls on the sweltering earth, it refreshes the whole living but also invites many diseases. Everyone wishes to enjoy this pleasant season, but at the same time, people often get sick very quickly during this season.

After months of intense sunshine, every person is waiting for some coolness and the month of rain makes up for it. The month of rain brings happiness and coolness, the health of people is worse.

Many diseases like malaria, dengue, cold-cough, laxatives, vomiting, typhoid, skin diseases, jaundice, etc. are spread during the rainy season. Just as we use umbrellas to avoid the rain, in the same way, we should take some precautions to avoid these diseases spreading during the rainy season. So, let’s discuss what precautions to be taken in the rainy season.

Health precautions for rainy season-

1. Avoid getting wet in rain:-

Health precautions for rainy season

Many people always take a bath in the rain to enjoy the rain during this monsoon which gives them relief from the heat, but the fun of bathing in this rain often turns into a sad feeling. Often, after heavy sunlight, it rains all of a sudden, in such a situation, taking a bath in that rain can do harm. The biggest disadvantage of bathing in the rain is cold.

In the event of rain, the viruses are more active in the environment, so if you loosen up a little bit, then you fall prey to these viruses, which makes you sick. So avoid bathing in the rain and if you have to take a bath to get relief from the heat, then take a bath in your bathroom which is a better option for you.

2. Always drink water boiled:-

You should always boil your drinking water during monsoon. If you have a water filter then it is good for you, but if there is no water filter, then boil the water first and then use it for drinking when it cools down. Use this boiled water within 24 hours, because after that, using it can surround you with germs.

During the monsoon, the chances of getting dirty water increases, which we have to face many problems when used. Most of the diseases in the rainy season are caused by drinking dirty water. So drink clean and boiled water only. Apart from this, you can drink ginger tea or hot soup to avoid germs.

In the rainy season, not only by eating contaminated food but also with water can cause serious diseases like Typhoid. So always drink clean water. In this season, try to drink only after boiling water. This eliminates the risk of any infection and disease. Always buy a sealed bottle from a good shop outside.

3. Pay attention to the intake of vegetables:

One thing you always have to keep in mind during the rainy season is that whenever you make a vegetable, first check the quality of that vegetable while buying it. In the rainy season, most of the vegetables always come with dirt and insects. Many times a worm comes in these vegetables which enter your body when you use it, which can cause you a lot of damage.

If the vegetable looks clean, then wash it thoroughly before using it and then cook it with a good flame so that if a worm is in that vegetable, it will die in the boil of the vegetable. In this way use the vegetable properly and avoid the virus.

4. Eat right:

In monsoon, you always have to take great care of your food. You should be very alert about eating and drinking, but you should be aware during the rainy season. In this season, you should avoid eating fast food. Choumin, burger, pizza, or anything else, it would be tasty to eat these things, but according to health claims, we are the only losers.

That is why it is important that you eat good fruits and drink juice in place of fast food. Give more weight to healthy food instead of mouth test. Do not eat anything stale. Germs are produced in stale food. Always eat fresh food. In this way, it is very important to eat the right food to adjust yourself along with the weather in the monsoon.

Bacteria grow rapidly in this season, so many times it contaminates food. If you eat such food, you are prone to diseases like cholera and diarrhea in addition to food poisoning. So it is important to always eat fresh food. Avoid eating outside things in this season.

Hepatitis B is also a common disease in this season, which is seen. It is caused by contaminated food and water. You may have vomiting, nausea, tiredness, and mild fever. To avoid this, you should take care of cleanliness and avoid eating outside and stale things. If you want, you can also get Hepatitis B vaccination on the advice of a doctor.

5. Do not let mosquitoes :

Health precautions for rainy season

The number of mosquitoes increases due to the stopping of water in this season. In such a situation, the risk of many diseases ranging from malaria to dengue is greatly increased. Always use the mosquito net at bedtime. Dengue and malaria are deadly diseases, the only accurate way to avoid them is to use a mosquito net. During the monsoon, mosquitos and flies are born the most due to the accumulation of dirty water. The biggest fear of diarrhea and malaria due to flies and mosquitos respectively.

6. Wash your hands well:

It is very necessary to wash hands regularly during the rainy season. We go to many places, meet many people, and touch many things.

It may be that some other person has had some kind of infection and you have mixed hands with them, or maybe you are sitting on a bench that has a bacterial or viral infection, or someone affected by the infection has touched that thing. So wash your hands regularly with lukewarm water and soap.

7. Don’t touch your face again and again:

Most bacteria and viruses enter our bodies through the mouth, nose, and eyes, so do not touch your mouth as often as possible during the rainy season. Do not repeatedly wipe the sweat on your head, or do not rub your face, keep a clean napkin or handkerchief with you and use it.

8. Get the treatment immediately:

In the monsoon rains, viruses are in large numbers all around, due to which any disease can occur. As soon as you are hit by any disease, get treatment immediately. Treatment Do not delay in getting treatment.

So friends, whether it is summer or rainy season, they are sure to come, but we should mold ourselves in this season. If we can take care of ourselves, then we will be healthy and we will be able to enjoy every season.

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