Corona Virus : changes to be made in daily life

How to prevent from Corona Virus

At present, the coronavirus has caused an uproar all over the world. The biggest powers of the world seem helpless in front of it because no drug or vaccine has been discovered to fight this virus. Looking at the growing infection of Corona, the affected countries are following the lockdown, and currently, this is the only solution to prevent it from spreading. Due to this virus, the whole world has just stopped. But the entire economy has slowed down due to the lockdown. It has become difficult for laborers to get bread for two times. In such a situation it is not possible to implement the lockdown for a long time and speed up the business and economy. For which, in the future, we will have to make many changes in daily life due to the coronavirus. Some examples of these are presented below: –

What changes must be made in daily life due to covid-19

No handshaking: –

Instead of shaking hands to avoid the coronavirus, it is advisable to greet in place of Indian tradition as hand contact increases its chances of spreading. Can we not adopt the tradition of namaskar forever because why only Corona and the risk of other infections can occur due to handshaking?

Washing hands frequently –

We have to adopt the habit of washing hands frequently. Anyway, cleanliness will increase even more by washing hands and besides the coronavirus, it will also help in the prevention of other diseases.

Making a habit of following social distance –

In view of Corona infection, we have to follow the rules of social distance for a long time. We have to get used to this. Apart from daily routine tasks, we also have to live with social distance in social programs.

Changing the habit of touching face, eyes, nose, and mouth –

Many people have this habit that they keep moving their hands, their faces again and again, and also have the habit of touching the nose repeatedly. Such people must change this habit.

Understand that money is not everything

The coronavirus has taught us that no matter how rich we are, how much wealth we have, it is of no value if it does not use at the right time.

Using salon very carefully –

Due to the corona virus infection, salon shops will have to be used very carefully because the risk of corona infection from the saloon is very high. It would be better to wear masks while getting a haircut in saloon and immediately take a bath with soap, shampoo, and germicidal oil in water.

Adoption of online activities –

In view of the current transition, we have to choose an online medium for different types of tasks in the future like online exams, online marketing, digital payments, etc.

More attention on vegetarianism –

To avoid corona, we have to pay a lot of attention to our diet. Carnivores have to be reduced or used very cautiously. It is good that we adopt vegetarianism. Ayurveda also supports vegetarianism. We can also supply the necessary nutrients for our bodies through vegetarianism.

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Regular use of masks –

Keeping the corona infection in view in the coming days, the use of the mask must be included in our daily life. Masks must be made mandatory at all locations.

Not using spit to count notes or documents –

Many people have the habit that they use spit by touching on fingers to count notes or to overturn any other documents. Such people will have to change such habits very strictly.

To reach before the scheduled time for the journey –

In view of the corona, in the coming days, the process of checking before the journey in the means of transports like air service, rail service, etc. will increase. For this, we have to reach much before our scheduled time so that all the formalities related to the checking are completed on time.

Promoting online shopping –

Due to the Corona virus, many people will be attracted to online shopping because online shopping does not require physically visiting the shop and online marketing offers a lot of options sitting at home.

Sanitizing the Currencies with Iron press –

It may be a good method to free the rupees from infection by heating it with the electric iron press. After the transaction of every rupee, press of rupees will have to be followed regularly.

Using digital payment apps –

There is a high chance of corona infection in money transactions. This often goes unnoticed. Since currency is not so easy to sanitize, it is good that we use digital payment channels more and more for transactions. Governments are also encouraging digital transactions.

Greater emphasis on health facilities –

In view of this corona epidemic, we should prepare in advance for any such health emergency in the future. More new development works should be done for health facilities.

Work from Home Trend –

Due to Corona, the trend of working at home may increase in the coming days. If it is possible that we can do our work, business, job from our home, then it would be very reasonable to prevent from Corona.

Pay more attention to cleanliness

In view of Corona, we now have to concentrate on cleanliness. Do not ignore the cleanliness of your own house and the environment around you, you have to come forward for cleaning yourself. Clean the handles of doors, windows, cupboard latch, switchboard, etc. in homes regularly.
Avoid the use of public transport –
If possible, do not use public transport and arrange for a private source of transport for yourself as there is a high possibility of infection from public transport to Corona.

Boycott of external foods –

In view of the present scenario, we have to avoid eating foods from hotels, street food, etc., because eating such foods will keep the fear of infection. For this, it would be good to try and make whatever dishes you want to eat, that are prepared in the house and eaten with the family.

Conclusion –

In the present scenario, it is necessary that we have to take appropriate measures to avoid corona. Be careful, take care of yourself, take care of your family. Help the needy as much as possible. Strictly follow the guidelines issued by the government from time to time and encourage others to follow. Do not be afraid, do not spread rumors and cooperate with the Corona warriors in fighting Corona. Be positive yourself and help others to stay positive. Be healthy be happy.

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