Easy Ways To Increase And Get More Good Deep Sleep

How to increase, get more good deep sleep

Do you not sleep till late at night? If you keep lying on your bed overnight, then you are suffering from insomnia. Such individuals frequently have issues with not getting good sleep around night and this issue ruins their whole way of life. If sleep will come late at night, then sleep will open late in the morning and the whole day will go into lethargy and laziness.

Due to lack of sleep, there are complaints of fatigue, weakness, and lack of concentration which surrounds life in problems. Good and sound sleep brings peace to the mind, digestion remains healthy. Immunity also increases. Good and relaxed sleep is very important for good health. Getting less sleep can harm your health in many ways. Lack of sleep is most likely to cause diabetes, stroke, and obesity.

What is good and deep sleep –

The time limit for good sleep is mentioned as follows –
9 to 10 hours for children.
7 to 8 hours for youth
5 to 6 hours for the elderly.

Reasons for not sleeping soundly and deeply: –

Constraints in the way of a sound and deep sleep can be –

  • mental stress
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Upset stomach
  • Not having a balanced routine. That is, there is no fixed routine to rest, awaken, and eat.
  • Mental pressure is a major factor that causes restlessness.

So let’s discuss how to get more good, deep sleep: –

Tips for good and sound sleep –

Exercise and yoga for good and deep sleep –

How to get a good sleep in night, deep sleep, better sleep

Exercise is an important part of our routine, so do regular exercise and yoga in the morning. This will not only keep the body fresh and full of energy, but the mind will remain calm and sleep well. A moderate stroll of 10-15 minutes after supper around evening time additionally prompts great rest.

Take a decent snooze during the day for profound rest –

If you are not able to sleep properly at night, then sleep for at least 10 to 20 minutes during the day. This will freshen up your mood and you will be able to concentrate properly at work. But keep in mind not to sleep for too long in the day, if you sleep for a long time in the day, you will not sleep at night properly.

For good and deep sleep, take a bath with lukewarm water-

Take a bath with lukewarm water before 20 to 30 minutes of sleep. By doing this, the muscles and nerves of the body are relaxed which makes you sleep well.

Actually, sleep comes easily due to a fall in the body’s temperature. So a warm bath can be extremely helpful for a good sleep. However, this remedy is not effective during the summer.

Sleep alone for good and deep sleep-

Most people do not sleep properly due to changes in lights, voices, and temperature. You must try to sleep alone. Because the body-temperature of different people are opposite from each other. Due to which they need different temperatures for a good sleep.

Apart from this, if the person sleeping with you has a habit of snoring, then it can be very difficult for you to sleep. So if you want to sleep well then try to sleep alone. However, in some cases, it is also necessary to sleep with family, otherwise sleep does not occur due to loneliness. For this, adequate arrangements should be made on the bed.

Meditation can be done before sleeping for good and deep sleep-

The biggest reason for not getting sleep is not getting calm in our minds. Some thoughts are coming from all over the world at the moment solved in the mind. It would be good to meditate for some time to stop these thoughts. This brings peace to the mind and helps in getting good sleep.

Make changes in food for good and deep sleep-

Dinner should be very light and digestible. It should be tried that dinner should be done about 2 hours before bedtime, because food does not digest properly after immediate sleeping, due to which it feels inconvenient. Eating raw onions in salads also helps in sleep. It leads to sleep, mental peace. Boiling the mint leaves in water and drinking it also helps in sleep because it helps in digestion, which calms the mind.

Massage is effective for sound and deep sleep-

Head pain ends by massaging the head with cold oil available in the market. Massage relieves headache and heaviness, leading to good and deep sleep. Massage mustard oil in the soles of the feet. It keeps blood pressure under control and improves sleep.

Drink lukewarm milk for sound and deep sleep-

Drinking lukewarm milk at bedtime helps to get good sleep and it also keeps the stomach clean. If you have a habit of drinking tea at night, change it immediately. Instead, consume a glass of warm milk. Soon you will start getting sound sleep.

Set bedtime for sound and deep sleep-

Always sleep at the same time every day and wake up whether it’s a holiday or a weekend, keep the same bedtime daily, and get up. This will become your habit and you will sleep on your own. If you do not feel sleepy after lying down then get up and do something so that you can feel relax like you can read a good book, listen to some beautiful music. After a while, you will feel tired and sleepy.

Do not sleep while sleeping hungry for good and deep sleep-

Never sleep empty stomach. You will not be able to sleep due to hunger.

Do not drink more water before bed for a sound and deep sleep-

One should not sleep after drinking too much water at night. Drinking more water will keep you awake for urine again and again, which will break your sleep.

Do not use an electronic gazette before sleeping for sound and deep sleep –

Electronic items such as mobiles, televisions, laptops, etc. should be taken away before sleeping at night. Do not include it in your habit. By using these gazettes at bedtime, the mind becomes restless, then there is difficulty in getting good and deep sleep. Many people do not sleep due to the addiction to mobile.

Actually, till late night chats on mobile, social media is going through the mind and keeps you busy. If you see the mobile till late at night, then the mind will follow the same routine and you will sleep late at night. Do so much that keep the mobile muted at a regular time and try to sleep.

Create a sleeping environment for sound and deep sleep

For good sleep, set the bed well, arrange adequate facilities according to the weather, turn off the lights, after this, you will start sleeping yourself.

Try to keep the mind calm for sound and deep sleep –

Keep your mind calm, remove the bad thoughts that come into your mind, instead of thinking about what happened in the day. Make a habit of sleeping by praying, thanking God for that day before sleeping, speak all the things in your mind to him, and try to sleep with a calm mind.

Avoid drunk for sound and good sleep-

Avoid consumption of alcohol, and smoking. All these drugs disturb the mind, which makes it difficult to sleep well and deeply. In the beginning, they can help to sleep well, but later they are not effective and become a habit.

Blink eyelids for sound and sound sleep

If you are not feeling sleepy, start blinking fast eyelids. This will make the eyes feel heavier and make you sleepy soon.

Long breaths for good and deep sleep

Take long and deep breaths and lie down on the bed in a totally relaxed state. Close your eyes and keep taking long and long breaths, soon you will drown in deep sleep.

Wonderful use of cold water for sound sleep

If you do not sleep, wash hands, feet, and mouth with cold water. Take care, do not hit the eyes, but refresh yourself and then go to bed and close the eyes with a bitter relay. 

We hope that the above methods will definitely help you to get a good sound sleep. Let us discuss some frequently asked questions which will be very beneficial; –

Frequently Asked Questions –

What is a good sleeping position for good deep sleep? 

If you have stomach problems, you still need to change your sleeping position. For this, you should take a left turn and sleep with your legs slightly bent. Actually, the left side sleep remains the corrective system.

If you have a heartburn problem, you will have a lot of trouble sleeping, but if you make a small change in your sleeping position, then you can get rid of this problem.

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