Eye care- How to improve eyesight naturally

how to improve eyesight naturally

Eyes are not only the face but also an important part of life. With their help, you are able to see the beautiful world, but if your eyes are weak then you have to face a lot of problems involuntarily. Care is also required with the increasing age because with increasing age the muscles around our eyes start to get loose and our eyes become weak. The vision of the eyes also depends on our diet and lifestyle.

Our eyes are very soft. It is very important to take care of them. Nowadays, not only the old people but also the children are troubled by the problem in the eyes. The eye is a complex gland made up of many small parts, each of which is essential for normal vision. The ability to see clearly depends on how well these parts work together. The reason for wearing glasses in untimely eyes maybe not maintaining proper eyes, an unhealthy body, nutritional deficiencies in the body, lack of necessary sleep, or genetic. To deal with all these problems, we should take good care of the eyes so that the eyes remain healthy.

Reasons for poor eyesight –

Watching TV for a long time –

There are many people who are very fond of TV. But watching more TV is not good for our body. Constantly watching television has a bad effect on our eyes. So do not watch TV for long.

Wrong living –

A wrong living also affects our eyes very badly. Due to a lack of proper living conditions, our eyes start having many problems. Always pay attention to your lifestyle to keep your eyes healthy.

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More use of mobile and computer –

Constantly keeping eyes on computers and mobile may be part of your work, but it is very dangerous for your eyes. At the same time, the habit of playing hours in mobile and junk food not only steals the eyesight, but is also causing all other eye problems. At a young age, children are now using mobile. You may be able to feed your child by showing YouTube, but by doing so, you are leaving no stone unturned to weaken his eyesight. Not only this, but it is also even more dangerous to see a mobile with the lights turned off at night.

The mobile blue blazes are extremely dangerous to the eye. You need to be careful if you are facing problems such as prickling, constant watering, sudden and rapid eye weakening, blurred vision or eyes, redness in the eyes. The problem of reduced eye light is increasing rapidly around the world.

In today’s era, no one does their work without mobile and computer. They need these tools to perform every task. Excess use of these devices causes bad effects in our eyes. Sometimes we even have glasses in our eyes. Therefore, use these devices only to a limited extent.

Not taking nutritious food –

Many times eye problems also start due to not taking a nutritious diet. Include the proper nutritional elements in your diet. They help in keeping the eyes safe. Lack of essential nutrients in food has negative effects on eyesight. Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A and Vitamin-E, zinc, lutein, and omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in maintaining the health of our eyes. If their deficiency is found in the diet for a long time, then there is a possibility of weak eyesight related diseases besides weak eyesight.

Due to some illness –

Many people are unable to take care of their eyes due to the illness, which has a bad effect on their eyes. Many types of problems start in the eyes or many times due to some disease, the eyes of the people start to lose light.
With age, our eyes begin to have decaying changes, due to which the vision also gradually becomes weak. But if the food is deficient in nutrients and following an inappropriate lifestyle, these changes start coming before time. Also, if proper diet and lifestyle are followed, then the person’s vision remains good for a long time.

Follow these precautions for eye care –

  • Working on a computer screen or on mobile, it is important for you to give your eyes some rest every ten minutes. For this, blink the eyes several times. Also, definitely close the eyes for a few moments.
  • At least 8 hours of sleep is necessary for healthy eyes. It is also necessary for your health as well as light for the eyes.
  • Exercise the eyes. For this, fill the air in the mouth and tear the eyes as much as possible. Then close the eyes while releasing air. Turn the eyes by placing three fingers on the eyes. Do this at least ten times. Do Anulom-Vilom Pranayama.
  • Make the eyes very clean in water. For this, fill the air with water and put water in the eyes. This will clean the eyes.
  • Women always take time to remove eye makeup before bedtime. Never sleep with makeup. If you sleep with eyeliner or mascara, it can cause pain in your eyes. Sleeping with make-up at night stops the pores around the eyes, which can cause cavities and may need to be removed by a doctor. Keep makeup remover pads near your bed when you are too tired for your night cleansing routine.
  • Do eye check-up twice a year. Use goggles to avoid blue rays. Wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from the strong sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Natural ways to improve eyesight –

Eye exercises to improve eyesight –

Look at the eyes once towards the ceiling. Look at the floor once. Once on the left side and once on the right. Rotate the eyes in various directions. This will exercise your eyes. Before the sunrise in the morning, you should regularly walk barefoot on the green grass for 15-20 minutes. There is the moisture of dew on the grass, walking on it barefoot gives relief to eye strain. And the vision of the eyes also increases.

Cleaning the eyes –

Eyes should be washed twice a day with cold water. The eyes should be protected from dust, pollution and strong sunlight, good quality spectacles should be used on the eyes while going in strong sunlight because the sun’s UV rays cause problems by damaging the eyes.

Rest the eyes during working –

how to improve eyesight naturally

Due to continuous reading or working on the computer for too long, the eyes have a negative effect. Therefore, after some time, the eyes should be closed and relaxed. Special attention should be paid to lights while reading. Reading or writing on very bad light puts pressure on the eyes.  

Diet to improve eyesight –

In order to increase the vision of the eyes, for better eye health, a nutritious diet should be taken which contains essential vitamins and minerals. These are some diets to increase eyesight –

Green leafy vegetables –

The most important vitamin for the eyes is Vitamin A. Lack of Vitamin A can cause night blindness. Fat-soluble vitamin A is most needed by the retina. Vitamin A is found most commonly in green and leafy vegetables. The carotene element present in green vegetables is converted into vitamin A. Therefore, eat spinach, mint, fenugreek, Bathua, semi beans, etc. The intake of vitamin C increases eyesight. Guava, oranges, pineapples, watermelons, and grapes contain sufficient amounts of vitamins A and C.

Dryfruits –

To increase eyesight, it is also beneficial to take dry fruits. Dryfruits king raisins are rich in vitamin A, A-beta carotene, and A-carotenoids, which are very important for eye health. The anti-oxidant present in it helps the eyes to fight free radicals. Eating raisins daily cures the weakness of eyes, muscle damage, cataract, etc. Dry apricots have an abundance of vitamins A, B complex, and C which is beneficial for the eyes.

Zinc food –

Zinc is very good for your eye health. Zinc helps the retina for vitamin A. Without zinc, the eyes do not get enough vitamins as needed, so as a result, your eyesight starts to weaken. Zinc is found in plenty in peanuts, yogurt, dark chocolate, sesame and cocoa powder, etc. Onion and garlic should be included in your meal for the ability to see remained the same throughout the age. A person suffering from cataract problems should take plenty of selenium.

Egg and Fish –

The egg is very beneficial for the eyes. Elements called lutein, which make carotenoids, are found in abundance in eggs more than any other substance. Eating one egg daily can prevent erosion in eye cells due to a lack of carotenoids. Eggs are very beneficial for the eyes. Eating one egg daily can prevent erosion in the eye cells due to the lack of carotenoids. Omega 3 is found in plenty in fish which is beneficial for eyesight.

Almond milk –

Drink almond milk 3 times a week. It contains Vitamin E which is beneficial in relieving eye disorders. Antioxidants like Vitamin E protect the eye lens from damage from free radicals. Vitamin E is found in kernel fruits and seeds in all types of edible oils. Eyes are very good by taking them. Get into the habit of consuming them and include them in your daily dose.

Papaya is very helpful to improve eyesight –

Papaya has many nutritious properties. Eyesight can be increased by its regular intake

Use of dry Gooseberry

Keep the dried Gooseberry soaked in water overnight. Then put this water in your eyes thrice a day with the help of cotton. This increases the eyesight, and the eyes also look beautiful.

Use of carrot –

Carrot contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and beta carotene, which helps to increase eyesight.  Grind the carrot and extract its juice. Drink this juice after one hour of eating food, it helps to increase eyesight.

Other foods to increase eyesight –

– Eat wheat products and nuts for vitamin-A.
– Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids is very important for the eyes. Therefore, eat flax seeds.
– Include sweet potato in your diet. It is a good source of beta carotene and vitamin E.
– Nuts contain a good amount of Vitamin E which protects the eyes from the degenerative diseases that occur with aging, so eat nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts, etc.

Home remedies to improve eyesight –

  • Put a few drops of lemon in a glass of water or mix water in Gooseberry water and wash the eyes.
  • Make two almonds, half a teaspoon of large fennel, and four sugar candy powder in a glass of milk and drink it every night. This will increase the light of the eyes.
  • If there is any kind of problem of the eyes, then you should grind soaked almonds in the morning every night.
  • After getting up in the morning, apply saliva in the eyes like mascara. Continuously doing this work will remove the weakness of the eye.
  • Soak Triphala in the water at night, wake up in the morning and wash the eyes with its water. And eat Triphala too.
  • Eat fish oil, vitamin C and A rich foods. Increase the intake of green leafy vegetables.
  • Massage mustard oil on the soles of the feet and walk barefoot on the green grass in the morning.
  • Wash your eyes with cold water about two or three times a day, this ends the heat of the eyes and keeps them healthy.
  • After getting up in the morning, fill the mouth with water and open the eyes and clean water should hit the eyes, this increases the light of the eyes.
  • To increase the eyesight, take 150 grams of almonds, 150 grams of fennel, and 150 grams of sugar candy and grind it and keep it in a glass or jar, then take a teaspoon of this powder with lukewarm water about 30 minutes before going to bed every night.
  • Mix one teaspoon cow ghee, half teaspoon sugar, and two black pepper powder and take it on an empty stomach daily in the morning, it brightens the eyesight.
  • Mix lemon and rose water together and wash eyes with this mixture about 5-6 times a day. By doing this, the eyes get relief.

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