How to increase oxygen level naturally in blood, brain and in a room while sleeping

Increase oxygen levels in blood, brain, body and in a room while sleeping

Maintain or increase the oxygen level in the blood, brain, and room while sleeping is very necessary. Without food, living organisms can survive for some time, but they die instantly if there is no oxygen. Due to this quality of keeping the life constant or operating, oxygen is called the life-air.

Healthy cells in the body are aerobic i.e. they need enough oxygen to grow. Just as fire does not burn without oxygen, similarly our cells do not get energy without oxygen.

Human breathe through their lungs. This vital air from the lungs flows with blood effects to other parts of the body. The energy received by the oxygen helps us in the operation of our bodies. 

Having enough oxygen in the blood also increases the metabolic rate, by which the body converts food into energy. Toxins do not accumulate in the cells with enough oxygen in the blood.

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What is the normal oxygen level in the blood

Normally the oxygen level in the blood should be 99%. If it falls below 96% then the oxygen level is considered low. Oxygen levels first fall when there is a lung disease. 

How to measure the oxygen level at home –

The oxygen level can be easily measured with the help of a pulse oximeter. For this, one has to put his finger in the oximeter and digital reading can be seen in the oximeter.

Oxygen deficiency symptoms and effects –

Oxygen is necessary for the functioning of various organs of the body including the brain, liver, and kidneys. Lack of oxygen causes diseases in the body. The severe form of oxygen deficiency is called Hypoxemia. When oxygen is being supplied to all parts of the body, then it works smoothly.

In case of lack of oxygen, the following symptoms are seen:-

  • Shortness of breath,
  • Headache,
  • Feeling uneasiness,
  • Restlessness,
  • Cough,
  • Sweating, etc. 

In some severe cases, the heart and brain stop functioning properly. When the level of oxygen in the body falls below 90 percent, then the risk of disease like asthma increases. People, who have heart or respiratory disease or who smoke, are more at risk of lack of oxygen.

Periodic oxygen levels can be checked to avoid this disease. People who have lung disease such as asthma, pneumonia, they first catch it.

Oxygen to remove shortness of breath placed in cylinders, the sick body receives 40% to 60% oxygen, thus it receives energy through oxygen. According to scientists, a person needs 50 liters of oxygen every hour to stay healthy.

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How to increase the oxygen level in the blood, brain, body- 

Exercise to increase the oxygen level in the blood, brain, body-

  • Experts have recognized that cardio exercises such as running, jogging, brisk walk, cycling, or aerobics maintain a normal amount of oxygen in the body. During this, the person breathes and exhales quickly, which keeps the lungs healthy. Exercising for 45 minutes daily would be very beneficial. Lift regular weights to strengthen the respiratory system, including shoulder, back, and chest exercises. They improve breathing, inhale deeply.
  • You can also perform interval aerobic training. If you only walk, then divide it into intervals of five minutes each over 40 minutes. Walk at a fast pace for one minute and then at a slow speed for four minutes. Repeat this 5 to 6 times.

Pranayamas also increase the oxygen level in the blood, brain and body –

How to increase oxygen levels in blood, brain, body and in a room while sleeping

To increase the level of oxygen in the blood, brain, and body, you can adopt such measures in which you do not need to spend money. For this, Anulom-Vilom, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika Pranayama, and chanting of Om are very beneficial Pranayams. By doing this yoga only 15 minutes daily, your body’s oxygen intake increases and you feel relaxed from within. By doing this yoga daily, along with the purification of the body and the glow on the face, your concentration also improves.

Deep breathing is necessary to increase the oxygen level in the blood, brain

How to increase oxygen levels in blood, brain, body and in a room while sleeping

Oxygen enters the body through the breath. The lungs perform the task of separating oxygen from the air. Oxygen reaches the blood vessels from the lungs and then through the blood to the cells. Deep breathing is necessary to maintain the correct oxygen level. Most of the blood vessels are in the lower part of the lungs. The air reaches only the upper part of the lungs when inhaled small.

When the aerobic capacity of the body is high, and the heart also becomes strong, the lungs function in a good way, and immunity improves. Strengthening of the respiratory system is necessary for the exercise of more labor.

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Food supplements to increase the oxygen level in the blood, brain, and body –

Green vegetables and fruits –

  • The blood in our body transports oxygen, so to avoid the lack of oxygen, we must also maintain the quantity of blood in the body well. Therefore, eat food rich in iron. Eat green vegetables like beetroot, garlic, broccoli, lettuce, radish. Eat more strawberries and avocados in fruits. Apart from this, bananas, potatoes, and tomatoes also reduce acidity and meet the lack of oxygen in the blood.
  • Avocado as well as Raisins, date ginger, and carrots are also the most suitable treatments for delivering oxygen to the body. Anti-oxidants are found in plenty in them. Mango, lemon, watermelon, papaya, and parsley are fruits that help keep our kidneys clean. These fruits rich in vitamins are also helpful in increasing the amount of oxygen in our blood. Watermelon contains a large amount of fiber. Apart from this, lycopene, beta carotene, and vitamin C are also found in plenty.
  • Beetroot and lettuce take more nitrate from the soil. Nitrates from plants are healthier than stored meats. They also contain more antioxidants. Upon reaching the body, they form nitric oxide, which regulates blood pressure and improves the cardiovascular system. If you find your breath unusual, you can take a glass of beet juice daily.

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Organic Gelatin –

Organic gelatin is rich in calcium and iron. It also contains a sufficient amount of fiber. This is the best way to increase the amount of oxygen in the body. Asparagus, hyacinth, and seaweed are also very helpful in increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Sprouted grains- 

Sprouted grains are rich sources of fiber. They are also used as better alternatives to increase oxygen in the blood.

Do not smoke –

Smoking has negative effects on the entire body, but it has the worst effect on the lungs because the smoke from the cigarette or hookah first enters the lungs.

Prevent pollution to increase the oxygen level in blood, brain, and body – 

If continuous atmospheric carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, oxides, hydrocarbon, etc. are found in the atmosphere, it is natural that breathing in such a polluted environment will cause respiratory diseases. Also, it is common to have vomiting, suffocation, headache, eye irritation, etc. diseases. Appropriate measures must be taken to avoid smoke and pollution.

Laughter Therapy to increase the oxygen level in the blood, brain

Laughing keeps blood circulation well in our bodies. When we laugh, a lot of oxygen reaches our body, which helps in keeping the heart pumping rate well. According to researches, people who watch comedy programs, are always happy to have better blood circulation than others. Also, by laughing, you are protected from many diseases.

Laughing openly or after laughter therapy makes blood vessels function properly and increases blood flow. This helps you to avoid problems like heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, etc., and also increases positivity. 

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Visit natural places with lush greenery –

Everyone knows that oxygen is very important for us. During the day, it gets polluted by the smoke of motor vehicles, motorcycles, etc. Getting pure oxygen in the afternoon and at other times is becoming difficult. Therefore, the morning is appropriate. In the morning, by visiting the natural places lush with green trees, a person gets a lot of pure oxygen, which results in the oxygen level gets well.

Drink enough water to increase the oxygen level in the blood, brain

Drinking a sufficient amount of water supplies the oxygen well in the brain. So, by doing this the brain remains relaxed and fresh throughout the day. If you are troubled by a headache, then drinking water in intervals is very important throughout the day. This helps the muscles attached to the brain to release tension. At times, the main reason for a headache is to drink less water. Drinking plenty of water also lowers blood pressure and loses weight. 

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Tulsi (Basil) has amazing benefits to increase oxygen level –

To overcome the problem of pollution, it is very important to live in a clean environment. In this context, it is very beneficial to plant a basil plant at home. The biggest advantage of planting a basil plant is that it reduces the pollution levels of the surrounding environment by up to 30 percent, making the air you get clean.

If the decoction made from Tulsi is consumed regularly, then the effect of pollution can be reduced effectively. For this, add 10 basil leaves, a little ginger, jaggery, and two black peppers and boil them with a glass of water. When this water boils to one fourth, filter it, and drink it.

Use of honey to increase the oxygen level in the blood, brain, and body

If honey is mixed with lukewarm water and drunk, it has a beneficial effect on the number of red blood cells (RBCs) in the blood. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the bloodstream mainly to various parts of the body. A mixture of honey and lukewarm water increases the level of Hemoglobin in the blood, which benefits in the case of anemia. Anemia is a condition of when the iron content is ingested in small amounts in the diet or the body is unable to absorb it sufficiently. This affects the blood’s ability to carry oxygen.

How to increase oxygen level while sleeping in the room- 

The room should be open and ventilated –

While constructing the house, it must be kept in mind that the rooms should have adequate windows, so that the outside fresh air can enter the room and sufficient oxygen can enter the room. If possible, make a small garden in front of the house, in which plants release oxygen.

Oxygen level increasing methods with the use of AC-

Increase oxygen levels in blood, brain, body and in a room while sleeping

If you use AC, then proper measures must be taken to maintain the oxygen level because the room has to be completely closed for AC use. A good option for this would be to keep plants in the room that purify the air as well as release oxygen such as, aloe vera, snack plant, basil, neem, Christmas cactus, orange gerbera, etc.

Practice deep breathing before bedtime –

Doing deep-breathing exercises can have a calming effect, but the benefits go far beyond the more relaxed mind – your blood oxygen levels may also increase. Deep breathing can also increase the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. Bonus points for exiting in the fresh air, away from vehicle emissions.

Sleep by your side to increase the oxygen level in a room while sleeping- 

Most people breathe better when they sleep on their side than in any other situation. The reason is surprisingly simple: gravity. When we sleep on our back, the weight of our body can fall on our airways or lungs, causing unnecessary blockages. Side-sleeping has long been known to protect the airway from unwanted collapse and reduce snoring.

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Reduce and manage stress –

There are several strategies for stress management: exercise, meditation, coaching, yoga, and even the Mindfulness App. We live in a stressful world, but thankfully there is an abundance of resources to help us overcome it.

Avoid alcohol before bed –

Alcohol and other sedatives sometimes cause the throat to relax excessively, resulting in high rates of sleep apnea. These over-relaxing muscles reduce the chance of airway collapse. Avoiding drinking alcohol within 4 hours of going to bed can dramatically improve your breathing and oxygen overnight. Alcohol consumption is often followed by fragmented sleep, which prevents deep sleep, our bodies need to be completely renewed.

Conclusion –

To maintain the level of oxygen in our blood, brain, body, while sleeping in the room, and the environment around us, we must follow the above small things. If the oxygen level is not well, we can come in the grip of many fatal diseases.

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